Scanned and digitized USGS Surficial Geologic Maps

The OMSG, in cooperation with the USGS, is in the process of vectorizing published USGS surficial geologic maps (GQ's and others) for the state of Massachusetts.

About these maps:

These maps are interim map products are available through our FTP site, and consist of:
  • A scanned image (TIF) of the original paper map
  • ESRI export files (E00) for use in a GIS application
These maps will be compiled into digital compilations of the surficial geology by the USGS, and published as PDFs and GIS files.  For areas that have already been compiled, check out the compilations by the USGS.

The TIF files are of a cropped image of the map and are very large (50+ MB).  We will be converting scanned images of the entire maps (with legends, etc...) to smaller-sized JPG files in February and March, 2006, and placing them on the FTP site as they are completed.

The datum and projection for the TIFs and E00 files is  NAD 1927, zone 19N.

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