Shallow loop heat pump  Resources for Ground Source Heat Pumps in Massachusetts

For prospective owners: General Resources For GSHP installers: Subsurface boring logs and other information:
Geologic maps from which subsurface conditions can be inferred:

Maps of surficial (glacial) deposits on top of bedrock: Maps of Bedrock:
Searching USGS geologic maps:
  • National Geologic Map Database
    A searchable database (by location) of all USGS map products and maps by state geologic surveys, etc...  Contains published and open-file paper and digital surficial and bedrock geologic maps, hydrogeologic atlases, geophysical information, depth to bedrock, etc...

Digital Hydrogeologic Data:

  • USGS Water Resources of Massachusetts and Rhode Island
  • Realtime Groundwater Data for select wells in Massachusetts
  • Groundwater Data
  • Groundwater Climate Response Network
  • Other Digital Information:

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