Instructional Materials


How to set up and run the experiments within a high school classroom (8.4 MB pdf)

Mary Ellsworth, an experienced high school teacher and Presidential Teaching Award winner, wrote this as a guide for other teachers.

How to set up and run the experiments within a college classroom

Watch Faults grow Before Your Very Eyes,(11 MB pdf) published in the Journal of Geoscience Education, was written by a researcher and a professor at the University of Massachusetts- Amherst, Mario Del Castello and Michele Cooke

Sandbox Experiments (9 MB pdf) by Michele Cooke and Mario Del Castello was written for high school teachers but may work better as a guide for post-secondary classrooms.

Erosion and Mountain Building: The Growth of Lazy Mountains, Mario Del Castello, (PDF 2.6 MB)

Extension and Contraction Activity sheets (doc) that can be used at any level of instruction

Instructional Videos in American Sign Language with captioning


Descriptions of Some Advanced Experiments

Some helpful powerpoint files

Why do faults matter? (ppt file 15 MB) Seismic Hazard (ppt file 1.9 MB)

Contraction (ppt file 3.9 MB)

Extension (ppt file 720 kB) images of faults (and fractures) (~7 MB) images of joints(~7 MB)
images of folds (~7 MB)    



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