What do you need to run an experiment


Materials list

Everything that you need can be bought at: hardware store, office supply store, art supply store or grocery store

How to build a Sandbox


With some modest carpentry skills you can build a sandbox yourself. The design specifications and instructions are in this 1.5 MB pdf file: Analog model set up and sandbox design, by Mario del Castello and John Sweeney. The file includes:

  • Introduction and explanation of setup
  • Dimensioned drawings for wooden parts
  • Oblique sketch of assembly

Specialized parts can be purchased from McMaster-Carr http://www.mcmaster.com/

Expensive option but guarantees compatibility of lead screw and nut

Cheaper option. The threads the same but may need adjustment

Potentially cheapest but you are on your own
Bronze nut #95072A109 + Mounting flange #95082A642

Standard plastic nut for lead screw: McMaster part #6350K41

Buy a nut and screw from Home Depot that has v-shaped rather than square (acme) threads.
Lead Screw: McMaster part #99030A005 Lead Screw: McMaster part #99030A005 (see alteration note below) The v-shaped threads will not be as strong as the acme threads of parts listed in columns 1 and 2
$107.43 $29.54 ?

Alteration note: The tolerance for the lead screw is slightly large for some of the standard plastic nuts. With a griding wheel you can take off the first bit of the threads on the rod and this will cause the threads to bite into the plastic making the threads of the plastic nut large enough for the rode.

You will also need

Powerpoint file that explains how to build a sandbox

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