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The Department of Geosciences Stable Isotope Laboratory is housed in completely renovated two-room facility. The instrument room houses a Finnigan Delta XL+ ratio mass spectrometer with a dual inlet system. Three different automated prep systems may be linked to the mass spectrometer an Atomated Carbonate Prep System (Kiel III), a Gas Bench II, and a Costech Elemental Analyzer. These systems allow automated analysis of O and C isotope ratios of carbonates, O and H isotopes of water, C isotope if DIC, and H, C, O, N and S isotopes of combustible or pyrolizable material.

A sample preparation room contains off-line vacuum systems for preparation of a variety of other material, for example slow-reacting carbonates. In addition, we have a micro-milling device for very fine spatial sampling of carbonates, and a vacuum crushing system for extraction of fluid inclusion waters.




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