Images on this page were acquired using the UMass Dept. of Geosciences' Cameca SX-50 electron microprobe.

Image 6:


A sapphirine-bearing granulite from the Snowbird tectonic zone, northern Saskatchewan, Canada. A peak metamorphic assemblage of garnet, quartz, kyanite and clinopyroxene has been extensively modified and replaced by sillimanite (masses at top of view) , plagioclase (strongly zoned, forming much of new matrix), sapphirine-plagioclase symplectites (fringing most phases) , corundum-plagioclase symplectites (among sapph-plag) and orthopyroxene-plagioclase symplectites (isolated, dark in the above view. Remnant garnet (bottom) shows profound zonation in Ca.

A map of Al covering the same area provides additional distinction between phases. Note particularly that the scale of the equilibrium domains may be less than 50 micrometers in this specimen.

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