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Zr in rutile thermometry (see Ferry and Watson, 2007; Baldwin et al., 2007)

Relatively low spatial resolution analysis 20 kV, 200nA, 5 spectrometer integration, 600 sec. acquisitions Integrating PET, two LPETs, and 2 VLPETs

Single point detection limit of 14ppm (3σ) for Zr

Grain average yields an overall detection limit of 3 ppm (3σ) for 15 points, and 4 ppm (3σ) for 10 points

Note Ti Ka will strongly fluoresce ZrLa so beware proximity to ziron.

Upper left: BSE image of eclogite East Athabasca region (Saskatchewan). Rutile (center of image) is used to assess thermometric conditions at high pressure. Upper right: P-T diagram for East Athabasca region. Eclogit box at 16kbar and 750 deg defines peak conditions at 1904Ma, and subsequent decompression path. For details see Baldwin et al. (2007).
Olivine crystal in Nakhla meteorite. BSE image (above) reveals K-rich melt inclusion in large olivine grain. Map of phosphorous (upper right) reveals complex internal structure possibly related to growth regimes .P-rich regions represent rapid growth. Right: Interpretation of crystallographic orientation and growth zones. See Goodrich, C. A.; Treiman, A. H.; Filiberto, J.; Jercinovic, M. J. 41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, held March 1-5, 2010 in The Woodlands, Texas. LPI Contribution No. 1533, p.1387

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