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Monazite from hydrous retrograde felsic granulite, Legs Lake Shear Zone, Saskatchewan, Canada.

X-ray compositional map (yttrium) of monazite from felsic granulite, Legs Lake shear zone,
Snowbird tectonic zone, Saskatchewan, Canada. High-Y rims are ca 1860 Ma, overgrowing
polygenetic Archean (ca 2520 Ma) core domains. Age histograms on right, derived via EPMA,
represent 2σ standard error of the mean of analysis populations corresponding to domains
shown on the compositional map. Mahan, K.H., Goncalves, P., Williams, M.L., and Jercinovic, M.J. (2006) Dating metamorphic reactions and fluid flow: See: Application to exhumation of high-P granulites in a crustal-scale shear zone, western Canadian Shield. Journal of Metamorphic Geology 24, 193-217. PDF

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