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Zeiss EVO50

Cameca Ultrachron Electron Microprobe

This instrument was developed through an NSF sponsored collaboration between Cameca and UMass Geosciences in order to explore electron microprobe trace element analysis and applications in geochronology.


Cameca PeakSight automation software (Windows 2000) and

Probe Software, Inc. Probe for EPMA quantitative analysis package (Vista)


Röntec (now Bruker AXS) energy dispersive drift detector with

integrated software control system (Röntec Quantax software)


5 wavelength dispersive spectrometers.

   1: Flow proportional (P-10) LPET (primary), TAP

   2: Flow proportional (P-10) LPET (primary), LLIF (with variable slit)

   3: Flow proportional (P-10) VLPET with VL detector

   4: Flow proportional (P-10) VLPET with VL detector

   5: Flow proportional (P-10) LLIF, PET


Vacuum system  

Ion pump at gun and dry system: Turbomolecular pump on column, stage with  Edwards XDS 35i Dry Scroll pumps for backing and roughing.

     Anticontamination:  O2 gas jet,  LN2 cold plate

     Retractable BSE shield


Electron optics

     Optimized CeB 6 source

     Geochron firmware for resolution optimization

     Ultra-high current regulation



   Autofocus with 0.1 micron motion

   50 permanently mounted standards

   2 standard thin sections, or 4 1" round plugs or sections