John Gartner

Adjunct Assistant Professor
river corridors
Research Interests: 

As a geomorphologist, I study earth surface landforms and the processes that shape them. I focus on rivers, floodplains, and riparian environments.

My current research questions include:

1) Can we predict how dam removals will alter rivers?

2) How do large and small floods move material in and out of rivers, and can floods restore impaired and channelized rivers?

3) How can we determine and map river corridors efficiently to delineate areas that are prone to geomorphic hazards (for example, landslides, sedimentation, bank failures, and outburst floods) and critical to riparian habitat?

These research projects attempt to advance our basic understanding of how rivers function. Furthermore, the projects have direct bearing on how we manage, protect, and restore our water resources and the ecosystems they support.