Anthony Coletti

global circulation models
Arctic change
Ph.D. Geosciences
236 Hasbrouck

Lake El’gygytgyn (Lake E) is an impact crater lake located in Northeast Siberia about 150km southeast of Chaunskaya Bay.  Lake E is the main focus of scientific research because it has never been covered by glaciers.  This allowed 400 meters of sediment to build up without interruption during the past 3.6 million years.As a member of the science team, my job was to simulate arctic paleo-environment of Beringia using proxy based reconstructions from the Lake E core.  Lake E core analysis exhibits large interglaciation periods with temperatures of around +2-5°C relative to modern climate.  These large interglaciation periods were referred to as “super-interglacials”.  Marine Isotope Stage(s) (MIS) 1, 5e, 11c and 31 were the most prominent “super-interglacials” and were simulated on a general circulation model (GCM) with a land-ocean-atmosphere coupled system.  Simulations of arctic warming during these periods were performed in order to correlate GCM findings to pollen (Biome) model temperature interpretation, observe arctic precipitation rates (PANN) and simulate terrestrial biome changes with changes in temperature and energy fluxes.

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