Alan Condron

Research Assistant Professor
Arctic climate modeling
233 Morrill Science Center
(413) 545-0659
PhD 2007 University of Sheffield
Research Interests: 

Alan uses high-resolution numerical ocean circulation models to understand the importance of the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions on the stength of the meridional overturning circulation and the stability of the climate system. In particular, he works with the MITgcm numerical ocean sea-ice model, projected onto a cube-sphere as part of the ECCO2 project. His current research is split into 4 areas:
(1) Resolving freshwater pathways from glacial outbursts (such as the 8.2-kyr-event, Younger Dryas etc) in high-resolution numeical models with a view to better understanding how freshwater interacts with the deep water convection regions (Nordic and Labrador Seas) and causes abrupt climate change. This research is in collaboration with Peter Winsor (UAF) and Raymond Bradley (UMass)
(2) Understanding the role of changes in the Arctic freshwater budget on the sub-polar North Atlantic. As a considerble amount of freshwater from the Arctic is confined to the coastal boundary currents in the North Atlantic, how can this freshwater pentrate into the open ocean convective regions, and disrupt the meridional overturing circulation?
(3) Parameterizing unresolved mesoscale weather activity in numerical climate models to improve the accuracy of heat and momentum fluxes at the air-sea boundary. This research collaborates with Ian Renfew (UEA) and Grant Bigg (Sheffield)
(4) Understanding how changes in ocean circulation and annular modes (e.g the NAO, AMO) impact marine fish populations

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