Hydrogeology research group publishes several papers

Hydrogeology students standing in a field with survey and geophysical equipment, adjacent to marshland

The hydrogeology research group has published a number of articles in the past few weeks on their research in the Salar De Atacama, Island of Tobago, and Massachusetts.  This stellar cast of authors includes Professor David Boutt and graduate students Marsha Allen, Sarah McKnight, and Brendan Moran in addition to recent alums Lily Corenthal and Alison Cole and colleagues at the University of Alaska Anchorage:

  • Munk, L. A., Boutt, D. F., Moran,  B. J., McKnight, S. V., & Jenckes,  J. (2021). Hydrogeologic and  geochemical distinctions in freshwater- brine systems of an Andean salar.  Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems,  22, e2020GC009345. https://doi.org/10.1029/2020GC009345
  • McKnight, S. V., Boutt, D. F., & Munk, L. A. (2021). Impact of Hydrostratigraphic Continuity in Heterogeneity on BrinetoFreshwater Interface Dynamics; Implications from a 2D Parametric Study in an Arid and Endorheic Basin. Water Resources Research, 10.1029/2020WR028302
  • Boutt, D. F., Corenthal, L.A., Moran, B. J., Munk, L. A., & S.A. Hynek. (2021) Imbalance in the modern hydrologic budget of topographic catchments along the western slope of the Andes (21–25°S): implications for groundwater recharge assessment, Hydrogeology Journal (), 1-23. DOI 10.1007/s10040-021-02309-z
  • Boutt, D. F., Allen, M.A., Settembrino, M., Bonarigo, A., Ingari, J. & R. Demars (2021). Groundwater recharge to a structurally complex aquifer system on the island of Tobago (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago) 29, pages 799–818 https://doi.org/10.1007/s10040-020-02289-6
  • Cole, A. and D.F. Boutt (2021), Spatially-resolved Integrated Precipitation-Surface-Groundwater Water Isotope Mapping: Towards Understanding Water Cycling Across a Post-Glacial Landscape, Frontiers in Water, doi: 10.3389/frwa.2021.645634