Geosciences Awards and Scholarships 2020

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On Friday, May 22, the Department (virtually) held its annual awards ceremony granting awards and scholarships to outstanding seniors and research scholarships to graduate students from our department alumni endowments and memorial funds. It's with much pride that we celebrate students and their accomplishments. 

Outstanding Senior Awards:


  • Rylee Wrenner
  • Kurt Lindberg

Earth Systems:

  • Ashley Arroyo


  • Georgia Bass
  • Jana Douglas
  • Kelsie Butler

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards:


  • Becky Smith
  • Dan Tjapkes
  • Ian Hillenbrand


  • James Morgan Varney
  • Monica Weisenbach


Research Scholarships and Alumni Awards:

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Andrew D. Wise Memorial Endowment Fund

  • Marsha Allen
  • Anna Ruth Halberstadt
  • Karin Lehnigk
  • Cong Li

Elinor Fierman Memorial Fund

  • Marsha Allen

Garrett G. Hollands Memorial Scholarship

  • Allyssa  Chase
  • Leon  Hibbard
  • Eliza  Fitzgerald

Geography Alumni Award Fund

  • James Morgan Carney

Gloria Radke Memorial Fund

  • Cong Li
  • Meng Liu
  • Cheryl (Lyn) Watts

H.T.U. Smith Memorial Fund

  • Hanna Elston
  • Meng Liu

Joseph Hartshorn Memorial Award

  • Brendan Moran
  • Rebecca Smith
  • Boyang Zhao

Lee Allison Memorial Scholarship

  • Laura Fattaruso
  • Meng Liu
  • Rebecca Smith

Leo M. Hall Memorial Fund

  • Alexander Hammerston
  • Caroline Lauth
  • Meng Liu
  • Brendan Moran
  • Alina Valdez Lopez