I have been awarded a 

ISENBERG School of Management Scholarship 

for the academic year 2010-2011. 

It aids graduate students who demonstrate academic merit and a commitment to the integration of science, engineering and management. >> 


I'm pursuing my PhD in (paleo-)climate modeling at the Climate System Research Center at the Department of Geosciences University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA >> 

I'm currently enrolled in the post-graduate certificate program "Project Leadership" at Cornell University, USA. >>

Before joining the Climate Center at UMass I gained a Master of Science from the University of Bern, Switzerland at the Climatology and Meteorology Research Group >> 

I studied at the Department of Geography, Archaeology and Earth Resources, University of Exeter, UK as an Erasmus Fellow during my studies in Switzerland >>



My interests mirror my past and current research projects and my general interest in combining science with entrepeneurship and management  (see my affiliations and professional memberships).

In general

> Climate-ice sheet modeling using global & regional climate models
> Climate extremes at monthly-seasonal to orbital timescales
> Statistical reconstructions of climate (extremes)
> Risk Management: Past and future climatic impacts on society & environment 

In particular (current PhD work)

>  Cryospheric evolution of the Greenland ice sheet in Plio-Pleistocene     

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