Steven E. Gaurin

Ph.D. Candidate

Climate | Oceans | Geology



Introductory Geology and Oceanography
Fall 2003 - Spring 2009

Global Climate Change
Spring 2009

World Regional Geography
Summer 2005


Hasbrouck 235
413-545-1755 (office)
413-577-2158 (isotope lab)


My dissertation research involves using speleothems (cave formations), cave dripwater, and historical weather data from Bermuda to study patterns of climate variability in the North Atlantic region.

I have extensive experience teaching introductory-level college courses, and my career goal is to be a tenured professor at a small college.

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*** what I'm reading ***

1) Mooney and Kirshenbaum, 2009. Unscientific America. Basic Books, New York NY. 224 pp.

2) all 9 Macky reports detailing Bermuda weather, from the 1940's and 1950's.


*** research activity ***

working on re-doing the Bermuda weather data analysis since I've recently found much more complete and comprehensive records than I ever knew existed

hopefully getting my Bermuda rainwater samples run in Miami soon

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