Geochemistry Analytical Facilities

The Department of Geosciences has two major laboratories for geochemical analyses. The brand-new Biogeochemistry Laboratory is equipped for the extraction and analysis of organic compounds from sediments and waters. Instrumentation includes two gas chromatographs (GC),a GC-MS, and a Leco Carbon-Sulfur analyzer. We have recently upgraded the basic instrumentation for a wide range of inorganic geochemical analyses, centered in our Environmental Geochemistry Laboratory.

Two views of the Biogeochemistry Laboratory


Carl Carlson (left) analyzes the composition of stream and ground water from Peru using the new Spectro Analytical M120 ICP. Trent Hayden (right) investigates the mysteries of organic compounds in sediments from Wrangell Island, Siberia using a Hewlett- Packard GC.

The new Lachat Ion Chromatograph (IC) in the Environmental Geochemistry Laboratory(left).   Bianca Perren (right) manipulates the Leco Carbon-Sulfur Analyzer