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Cora Lake mylonite, East Lake Athabaska, Saskatchewan
Williams' research interests concern the geologic history of deformed and metamorphosed regions. Although his research ranges from structural geology to metamorphic petrology, his primary interest is in the interaction between deformation and metamorphism. Current research projects involve the significance of shear zones in deformational and metamorphic processes, the interpretation of structural and metamorphic microfabrics, the role of fluids in metamorphism and deformation, the analysis of P-T-time-deformation paths, and the Precambrian geologic history of the Canadian shield and the Southwestern U.S.A. Williams has a strong regard for field geology; detailed geologic mapping accompanied by field based structural and metamorphic analysis are a central part of his research. Recent field projects have been carried out in northern Saskatchewan, New Mexico, Arizona (especially the Grand Canyon), the Adirondacks, and the New England Appalachians. He is also interested in the application of computers to metamorphic and structural investigations. His current work involves developing new programs for strain analysis, the calculation of P-T-time paths, and numerical modelling of structural and metamorphic systems.

Current Research:

Tectonic Evolution of the Western Canadian Shield

Proterozoic Evolution of the Southwestern USA

Paleozoic Tectonic History of Western New England

Monazite Age Mapping and Dating using the Electron Microprobe