Recent Publications

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Mahan, K.H., Goncalves, P., Williams, M.L., and Jercinovic, M.J., 2006, Dating metamorphic reactions and fluid flow: application to exhumation of high-P granulites in a crustal-scale shear zone, western Canadian Shield: Journal of Metamorphic Geology, v. 24, p. 193-217. (PDF)

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Karlstrom, K.E., Ahaell, K., Harlan, S.S., Williams, M.L., McLelland, J., Geissman, J.W., and 2001, Long-lived (1.8-0.8 Ga) convergent orogen in southern Laurentia, its extensions to Australia and Baltica, and implications for refining Rodinia, Precambrian Research, v. 111, p. 5-30.

Williams,M. L., Scheltema,K., and Jercinovic, M. J., 2001, High-Resolution Compositional Mapping of Matrix Phases: Implications for Mass Transfer during Crenulation Cleavage Development in the Moretown Formation, Western Massachusetts, Journal of Structural Geology, v.23, p.923-939.

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