Announcements  -- Tectonics - Spring, 2016



The class will meet Tue, Th: 8:30-9:45

The following key words will be used to refer to different tasks:
     Hopefully this will help avoid confusion about what is due when...

Reading: These items should be read and understood to the degree that your time permits.   Please feel free to e-mail me (MLW) with questions, but also bring a list of questions to class.

Review Questions or General Questions: These are the general questions that need to have answers written out.  These will be 1-2 page summaries, well written with Introduction- Body-Conclusion format. topic sentences etc.  They should include figures and references, but don't go overboard.  We will basically answer these during class, but you may have to tie in some of the reading.

JournalWatch: These are the basic recent journals that you will look through and jot down the names and reference data for one (or two) papers relevant to the particular topic of the week.  We will briefly mention the authors and titles in class with a few additional comments.   Recall, you don't need to read them although you may want to look over the abstract.

PaperSummary: These are papers from a reading list that I will hand around.  Each person will chose one, get a copy and make a brief 3-5 minute summary in class.  Please don't try to summarize right from the paper.  Write out some notes.  The summaries will go much more smoothly.

Discussion: These items will be done in class.  I will try to give them out ahead of time so that you can read them over a be a bit more prepared.  It might help to take a look at the relevant map ahead of time, but nothing in writing is due for class.