Tectonics:  Spring 2016      Schedule
 Date Day Topic Discussion
J 19 T Course Introduction - Tect. Observations
a 21 Th Tectonic observations Bucher's Laws
n 26 T Structure of the Earth, Mantle I
28 TH Adiabats, plumes, and ridges Adiabats etc...
F 2 T Plumes; Paper Summary - Deep Earth
e 4 Th Ocean Crust, Ridges - Intro Heezen Tharp map
b 9 T
r 11 TH Heat Flow - Ocean Crust
u 16 T Monday classes followed
a 18 Th Ocean Crust, Ridges - Petrology, Heat-Flow Forces on plates
r 23 T Subduction, Introduction The Bending of Plates
y 25 TH Island Arcs - Geochemistry
M 1 T Vector motion of plates Indonesia, Japan...
a 3 Th Ocean-Continent collision
r 8 T Island Arcs - Geochemistry Cox Exercises
c 10 TH Accretionary prisms Cox Exercises
h 15 T No class; Spring Break
17 Th No class; Spring Break
22 T Continental Crust Introduction Isostacy
24 TH Continent-continent collision The Andes
29 T Terranes, General Alaska
31 TH Metamorphism & collision Balanced sections - crit. wedge
A 5 T Delamination, An alternative model... Nappes, Alps
p 7 F Continental Extension
r 12 T Rifts The nature of the lower crust
i 14 F Strike-slip tectonics Nappes, Alps
l 19 T PC Tectonics, United Plates Extensional boundaries
21 F PC Tectonics, Secular change Rifting
26 T Heresy and Scientific revolution Heresy and Scientific revolution
We may have an extra meeting in late April to view projects from the 4-credit people