GEO 431:  Structural Geology  

The course will begin Wednesday, September 6, 9:05 AM.

We will have lab Thursday, September 7, 2017

Fall - 2017 Michael L. Williams

This course will focus on description and analysis of deformation and deformation processes at scales, ranging from minerals to mountain belts.

Topics include: faults, folds, construction of cross-sections, interpretation of structural fabrics, stress, strain, plate tectonics,
New England geology, and the geologic history of North America.

Office Hours:     MLW: M,W, F 10:00-11:00; Any others by appointment or drop in.

Justin Mistikaway: Tues 1:30-3:00; Th. 9:30-11:00AM


Course Syllabus  

Lab Syllabus


FEEDBACK: Lab Assignments, Rock of Week, Lecture Notes

"Tools of the trade..." (course materials)



Rock of the Week

Classic Papers

Cora Lake mylonite, East Lake Athabaska, Saskatchewan

Microstructures from muscovite quartzite, Estadio Canyon, Manzano Mountains, NM, U.S.A.

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