Notes on Lecture Notes- General Suggestions


·         Need to have a three-ring notebook.

·         There are many handouts. They need to be included at the appropriate place with lecture notes.

o   Make sure to keep handouts with the lecture notes for the particular day.

·         You might even write on the handouts. For many people, the handouts quickly fall into disarray. Try to punch holes and get them into the notebook right away.

·         It is critical to work on note-taking skills. One good way is to borrow notes from one or two others and fill in the detail that you have missed.

·         Start each day on a new page and label the date…

·         The lab manual needs to be separate from the lecture notes. The lab manual will get thick fast… Some handouts may go into both notebooks… could Xerox and put a copy in each… or just refer from one to the other.

·         Spread the lecture notes out a bit. Leave room to go back and add information later.

·         Also, you may want to borrow other people’s notes and fill in detail that was missed.

·         Go back to the lecture notes between classes. Fill in detail and highlight important topics. Might add additional detail from the reading in the book.

·         If you find that you have missed some material in lecture, borrow notes from someone and fill in.