Lab Manual:

Neatness and concise language is crucial for reference down the road.

Try to use as many sketches as you can…a picture says a thousand words.

Do not use the word you are defining, in the definition

Write strike with three letters, always, and dip with two: 075, 40

Leave space for adding things in later

If there are diagrams from your notes, photocopy them, and keep one copy with the manual


Pages will be graded on a  ten point scale according to the following  point distribution.

1)      Neatness (2 pts)

2)      Complete definitions  (2 pts)

3)      Drawings (2 pts)

4)      In class exercises (2 pts)

5)      Clarity (2 pts)


Lab Manual – General

Make sure that all lab-related materials are included, sample problems, homework problems, and manual entries…

It may be necessary to go back and add items or explanations later.

Organization is critical… Each week should have three clearly labeled items:

1)      manual entries: explanations of a technique as mentioned in the first homework part.

2)      Sample problems, completed during the lab

3)      Homework problems.