Course materials, equipment, “tools of the trade,” etc.

Note: We will discuss these materials on the first day of class... no need to purchase any until after the discussion.

•        You will need two three-ring binders, one for lab and one for lecture. The lab binder will need to be at least 1.5”; the lecture binder could be 1” or 1.5”

o   Spiral notebooks will not work!

•        You will need a computer with MS Excel

•        Mechanical pencil(s) (0.5 mm with 2H or harder lead)

•        Colored pencils (hard lead for shading)

•        Ruler with cm units and/or a ruler with inches subdivided in tenths. (W43 - See examples first)

•        Tracing Paper (can use white copier paper)

•        Graph Paper (generally use the back)

o   Might need two types: standard pad and high-quality…

•        Protractor (typically in the C-thru rulers)

•        2 plastic triangles (optional)

•        Calculator (May not be necessary if you have Excel)

•        Textbook (Davis. Reynolds, Kluth)

•        Lab book (Optional)

•        A good eraser (Staedler is the best!)