Julie Brigham-Grette




1976   W.A. Tarr Award, Senior Geology Award, Albion College
1980   Arthur Campbell Award, Geology Department, C.U., $400
1980   Waldrop Award, Geology Department, C.U., $1000
1981   Harold T. Sterns Fellowship, Geological Society of America, $1000
1981   J. Hoover Mackin Award, Geological Society of America, Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division, $500
1981   Exxon Student Research Grant, Geology Department, C.U., $500
1981   Outstanding Woman Geoscientist Award, Association of Women Geoscientists, Denver Chapter
1981   National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant, Division of Polar Programs, 2 years, $4,860
1980-81   Several Grants-In-Aid of Dissertation Research from: Arctic Institute of North America, $2800; Sigma Xi Research Council, $525; Explorers Club, $1,200; Geological Society of America, $530.
1983   Nominated for University of Colorado Research and Creative Work Award by the Geology Faculty, University of Colorado
1984   Royal Norwegian Council for Science and Technology Post-doctoral Fellowship for North Sea Quaternary Stratigraphy, Bergen, Norway
1985-87   University of Alberta/Geological Survey of Canada Post-doctoral Fellowship for Quaternary Stratigraphy and Geochronology of the Canadian Beaufort Sea
1987-89   National Science Foundation, Division of Polar Programs, Grant 87-14671, Correlation and Chronology of Marine Transgressions, western Alaska, $96,075. (Co-PI D.M. Hopkins, University of Alaska, $43,360)
1990-92   National Science Foundation, Division of Polar Programs, Grant 89-22980, Stratigraphy, Extent, and Paleoclimatic implications of middle Pleistocene Glacial/Interglacial Conditions in Coastal NW Alaska, $127,243
1991-94   National Science Foundation, Division of Polar Programs, Grant 90-15234, Late Cenozoic History of the Bering Strait, $185,557.(Co-PI D.M. Hopkins, University of Alaska, $169,548)
1992-94   National Park Service, Anchorage, Alaska. Cooperative Research Agreement Subcontract, Surficial Geology of northern Bering Land Bridge National Preserve and Paleoclimate history of North Killeak Lake, $45,000
1995-98   National Science Foundation, Division of Polar Programs, Grant 94-23730, Collaboratirve Research: Pleistocene Glacial Ice History and Interglacial Paleoclimatic History in the NE Russian Arctic -- comparisons with Alaska, $350,000, with significant contributions from the National Park Service
1995-97   University of Massachusetts Faculty Research Grant, Increased age resolution using D/L aspartic acid in Arctic mollusks, $5,000
1995-96   Lilly Teaching Fellowship, UMass-Amherst Center for Teaching
1997-98   National Science Foundation, Division of Atmospheric Sciences, Grant 96-15768, The Paleoclimatic record of Elgygytgyn Lake, NE Russia: a pilot study, $49,982
1997-98   Co-PI on National Science Foundation workshop, Beringian Paleoenvironments, with Scott Elias, University of Colorado, Sept 20-22, 1997 $60,128 (UMass portion $7700)



1988-90   Elected Panel Member, GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division
1990-   Editorial Board Member of the journal Quaternary International
1990-   Elected Secretary, American Quaternary Association
1991-92   National Science Foundation, Division of Polar Programs, Earth Sciences Proposal Review Panel Member
1993-   UMass Representative to Arctic Research Consortia of the United States
1996   National Science Foundation, OPP Arctic Interdisciplinary Panel Member
1994-96   Elected non-PI Representative to NSF Arctic System Science Council
1996-   Editorial Board Member of the journal Quaternary Science Reviews
1996-   U.S. Arctic Research Commission Logistics Task Force
1997-98   Editorial Board Member of the journal Arctic




Worked for two field summers in 1978 and 1979 along the northeast coast of Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island, Canada, on foot and by freighter canoe mapping Quaternary sediments and describing stratigraphic sections. During the summers of 1980 and 1981, worked 150 km of the Arctic coast of northern Alaska on foot and by Zodiak west of Barrow to Wainwright, later using a helicopter to extend the field mapping and stratigraphic work over a field area of 28,700 square km from Wainwright down to Cape Beaufort and west to the Meade River. In early 1984, participated on a 7-day research cruise of the University of Bergen, Norway, conducting seismic studies of Quaternary sediments in several fjords along western Norway. Recent studies in the Beaufort Sea have included participation in joint industry/government coring projects from platforms through the sea ice and man-made ice islands in March, 1985, and February, 1986. Likewise this research involved core-logging and sampling of Quaternary sediments on a 5 week joint industry/government geotechnical drilling program in 1985, and 2 weeks assisting with shipboard government geophysical surveys in September of 1986. Present field work in western and northwestern Alaska involves mapping on foot or by inflatable boat in remote coastal areas of Seward Peninsula, Kotzebue Sound; similar work is ongoing in northeastern Russia.


Research is concerned with late Cenozoic marine and non-marine stratigraphic problems in Arctic regions and in regional correlations and paleotemperature reconstructions, especially across Arctic North America and eastern Russia. Long range research interests are in the paleogeography and sea level history of Alaska and the circum- Arctic coast and in the development of better chronostratigraphic methods combining a number of geochronological techniques.

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