These images are inverted thermal infrared scenes from the Defense Meteorology Satellite Program (DMSP) Operational Linescan System (OLS) instrument for the Bay of Bengal/Eastern Himalayas region around the 25th of September, 1999, when we were trying to fly out of Paro, Bhutan (straight north of the Bay of Bengal and Bangladesh). In these inverted thermal infrared images, warm regions appear dark and cold regions (such as clouds) appear bright. There is severe geographic distortion due to the orbital and instrument characteristics (830 km altitude, 3000 km panoramic field of view), but the locator map at right indicates the region in the image, and the Tibetan Plateau and Himalayas can be seen fairly clearly in all the images. Times and dates are local (Bhutan) time.

Friday, 24-Sep-1999, 5:53 am

Friday, 24-Sep-1999, 8:29 am

Friday, 24-Sep-1999, 5:47 pm

Friday, 24-Sep-1999, 8:23 pm

Saturday, 25-Sep-1999, 5:41 am

Saturday, 25-Sep-1999, 8:16 am

Saturday, 25-Sep-1999, 5:34 pm

Saturday, 25-Sep-1999, 8:10 pm

Sunday, 26-Sep-1999, 5:28 am

Sunday, 26-Sep-1999, 8:04 am

Sunday, 26-Sep-1999, 5:22 pm

Sunday, 26-Sep-1999, 7:57 pm

Monday, 27-Sep-1999, 5:16 am

Monday, 27-Sep-1999, 7:51 am