This page links to an informal collection of (mostly) images used to plan the 1999, 2000, and 2002 expeditions to Bhutan, and to communicate information, ideas, and results among the group members. If any of this material is useful to you, you're welcome to use it so long as you credit Chris Duncan and notify me of your usage. If you think I may be able to provide you with related material to assist in your own research or other activities, please contact me at

Photos from the 2002 expedition

Routes and sample sites for 1999 and 2000 expeditions

3-D Routes and sample sites for 2002 expedition

GIS-based cosmogenic isotope production rate calculations

Candidate landslide locations based on fluvial geomorph features

Change detection experiments with satellite imagery

Fission-track figures for AGU Fall 2002 meeting

Figures analyzing cosmogenic-based erosion estimates for Wangduephodrang watershed

Sample site maps and watershed statistics charts

Satellite images of a rainstorm that kept us grounded in Paro for 2 days in 1999

Images of things I made in Bhutan in 1999, inspirited by Andy Goldsworthy, among others.