List of Papers for Fall 2006


Topic Date Facilitator Paper
what do fractures look like, part I 9/19 Michele Pollard and Aydin, Progress in understanding jointing
What do fractures look like, part II 9/28 Scott Crider and Peacock, Review of faulting
Mechanics of Jointing 10/3 Kat Pollard and Aydin, Progress in understanding jointing
Analysis of joint networks 10/12 Brendan and Fariha Renshaw,
Displacement field around joints/dikes Oct 30 Kate Pollard and Delaney, Paleostress around dikes
Stress field around joints/dikes Nov. 6 Patrick Gross et al., Factors controlling joint spacing in interbedded sedimentary rocks: integrating numerical models with field observations from the Monterey Formation, USA
Displacement field around faults Nov. 13 Hatice Cooke, Growth of cracks along faults with spatially varying friction
Stress field around faults Nov. 16 Laura Kattenhorn and Pollard, Joints around faults
Fault interaction and earthquake triggering Nov. 20 Laura and Kate King, Stein and Lin. Static stress change and the triggering of earthquakes
Earthquake Cycle Nov. 21 Hatice Gomberg, Blandped and Beeler. Transient triggering of near and distant earthquakes
Fault linkage and propagation Nov. 28 Fariha
Cross-joint development Nov. 30 Scott
Predicting subsurface fracture networks Dec. 5 Patrick
Fractures and Fluid Flow Dec. 7 Brandon and Kat