Applications of Fracture Mechanics

11/20:       Lab: Modeling approach

Presentation: Conceptualizing your research problem

Discussion: setting up the problem

11/21:       Fault Interaction and EQ triggering paper (Laura and Kate)

11/23:       Earthquake cycle paper (Hatice)

11/27:       Lab: Modeling tools available

Presentation: Setting your research problem

Discussion: creating input files

11/28:       Fault linkage and propagation paper (Fariha)

11/30        Geodetic Inversion paper (Scott)

12/4:         Lab: Data Analysis and Three-dimensional data visualization

Presentation: Preliminary results

Discussion: presentation and visualization of results

12/5          Predicting subsurface fracture networks paper (Patrick)

12/7:         Fractures and fluid flow paper (Brandon and Kat)

12/11-12: AGU work on projects


12/18?:    Project Presentations:


Write-up of final report due December?