media interest


April 2017

In this article published by Climate Central I comment on what might be causing the recent unusually large 'swarm' of icebergs to appear off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

October 2014

A paper I published with Jenna Hill in Nature Geoscience this month has been featured on the History Channel, Discovery news, NBC news, MSN news and in the AGU Earth and Smithsonian magazines.

Here I used a high resolution climate model to show that, after the last ice-age, icebergs were transported as far south as Florida Keys by massive meltwater floods.

December 2012

A paper I published in Nature Geoscience with Ian Renfrew this month about how meso-scale storms influence North Atlantic ocean circulation was featured on NBC News, Science Daily, Climate Central, and in New Scientist. A full list of all the media interest (23 media groups in total) can be found here.

November 2012

There has been considerable media interest in an article that I wrote with Peter Winsor (UAF) about how a meltwater flood triggered the Earth's last major cold period - the Younger Dryas (12,9000 yrs BP).

In the Decemeber issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) we show that flood waters from the Arctic most likely caused this event. Some of the media interest can be found here: NBCNews, Fox News, Science News, Science Daily, OurAmazingPlanet and Daily Mail, UK.

A short, 60-second interview about this work was also recently aired on Science Update, a daily, on-line radio feature covering the latest discoveries in science.

April 2011

My research about how a large meltwater flood from glacial Lake Agassiz - a large lake that in the past formed along the southern edge of the Laurentide Ice Sheet - might have triggered an abrupt cooling event known as "8.2-kyr-event" was featured in The Daily Hampshire Gazette weekly magazine, Hampshire Life.