media interest

Alan Condron | Research Assistant Professor | UMass Amherst

May 2014: I have been awarded funding from NSF to hire a new PhD graduate student. See below for more details.

Jan 2013: I have a paper in Nature Geoscience about the impact of polar storms on the circulation of the North Atlantic ocean. A short summary of this work was featured in Nature, as well as on media networks NBC News, Climate Central, and New Scientist.

Dec 2012: I have a paper about the Younger Dryas and Meltwater in PNAS. A nice article written by James Teller about our results was also featured in the Commentary section of this journal.

  New student opportunity (May 2014): "Arctic seaice, freshwater forcing, and abrupt climate change:. This project will investigate the role of Arctic sea ice, icebergs, and meltwater floods in triggering past episodes of abrupt climate change, such as the Younger Dryas. I'm looking to hire a graduate student with a strong numerical background to undertake a 3-5 yr PhD project. Please e-mail me if you're interested.