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Here you can freely access all the numerical model (MITgcm Last Glacial Maximum simulation) data used to produce the figures in Hill, J.C. and Condron, A. (2014). Subtropical iceberg scours and meltwater routing in the deglacial western North Atlantic, Nature Geoscience, 10.1038/ngeo2267

This study uses a combination of high-resolution multibeam bathymetry data and a high-resolution numerical ocean circulation model to highlight a new ocean circulation pathway capable of rapidly transporting massive (up to 300m thick) icebergs and large volumes of meltwater along the east coast of North America to the subtropical North Atlantic. Our results highlight a need to reevaluate the spatial distribution of freshwater inputs and ocean circulation patterns necessary to trigger abrupt climate change.

All numerical model simulations were run on Hopper Cray XE6 at the NERSC super computing center. This research was made possible by support from the Office of Science (BER) U.S. Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation (NSF) division of Polar Programs.

The data files listed here are open to the public and free to download.

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You can click on the names in the table to access the data used to make the figure in question. Please contact via e-mail Dr. Alan Condron for additional information on using the data.