Description of Dept. of Geosciences Contribution No. 72, April 2000

"Dynamic Digital Maps - A Macintosh CD-ROM"

By Chris Condit -

Contribution No. 72 includes a 46 page pamphlet and a CD.

Link to the UMass Geosciences Contributions Series page, where you can order the CD & Pamphlet that make up Contribution No. 72 for $10.

Go here to see a brief description of a Cross-Platform, WEB enabled version of a DDM, including screen-grabs showing parts of the new DDM-NE. This project involves converting the SuperCard DDMs to the Revolution/MetaCard environment, and was funded by NSF-DUE-CCLI-0127331 (2002-2005). Links fom this page are available to download the new versions of the below described SuperCard DDMs.

The Pamphlet

The pamphlet is divided into three chapters, the first of which describes the content of the CD-ROM. The second chapter "DDM-Tutorial" contains the text of an introduction to using SuperCard to make Dynamic Digital Maps. The third chapter is a "Dynamic Digital Map Template Cookbook". This "cookbook" provides step-by-step procedures for making a Dynamic Digital Map. The process is done by modifying the SuperCard project "Dynamic Digital Map Template" (DDM.Template) included on the CD, and requires a basic familiarity with SuperEdit and SuperCard, and with the use of a CAD program, and a photo editing program such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and a word-processing program such as MS Word. Click here Pamphlet.pdf for a pdf file of Contribution No. 72, which includes the Cookbook, without any CD.

The CD

The CD contains four complete stand-alone programs, three of which are Dynamic Digital Maps, and a Teaching Examples Folder, containing exercises to be used with the DDMs (one of which is a freshman physical geology level lab), and in the case of the igneous petrology exercises the supporting analytical data files for two DDMs that focus on volcanic complexes.

Hardware and Software Requirements

The use of this CD requires a Macintosh computer with a CD, running Mac OS 7.5 (or above), and in the case of the stand-alone programs, from 10 to 20 MB of free RAM. All "stand-alone" (see below) programs can be run with no additional software.


Additional Folders

  • The DDM.TemplateFolder contains a manual on how to use the contents of this folder to make a Dynamic Digital Map. It also contains the DDM.Template, and file structure (folders) needed for its use, with dummy data for illustrative purposes, and several ancillary SuperCard programs to be used in this effort. It is essentially an outgrowth of a semester-long course I taught during the Fall of 1999 at UMass on "Desktop Publishing of Geologic Maps".
  • SVFGeochem Folder, and another, the TSPGeochem Folder,contain suites of petrologic data from the Springerville volcanic field and the Tatara-San Pedro Volcanic complex that is formatted for IgPet.
  • The TeachingExamples Folder includes several exercises (see below) using DDM.NE, DDM.SVF and Mike Carr's IgPet (Petrologic Modeling) program, for use in a junior level Igneous Petrology course.
  • Exercises

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    Go here to see a brief description of the new Cross-Platform, WEB enabled version of DDM, including screen-grabs showing parts of the new DDM-NE. The project is a port the SuperCard DDMs to the Revolution/MetaCard environment, which features an open-source DDM-Template.
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