Welcome to the Facilities and Equipment page!

Field Equipment

-4 Solinst (3 15 PSI, and 1 30 PSI) levelogger gold transducers (with 200 m of cable)

-4 In Situ Trolls (pressure transducers and data loggers

-Insitu Hermit 1000C data logger with two PXD 261 pressure transducers

-2 Heron water level indicators, assorted pvc, teflon, and plastic bailers, a grundfos submersible pump with 150 feet of hose, generator and variable frequency drive, a peristaltic pump, inertial pumps, and two foot pumps (whale) for purging wells.

-Topcon 111D Total Station surveying system, a Leica real-time differential GPS for sub-centimeter kineamatic and static surveying, and two handheld Trimble GPS units.

-Within the department there is access to seismic refraction equipment, a proton precession magnetometer, ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic induction equipment (EM-34), a downhole EM tool, and DC resistivity equipment, very low frequency (VLF) equipment, and a Sting 2D Resistivity Profiler. We also have access to a Spectro Analytical M120 ICP, Lachat Ion Chromatograph, Finnigan Delta XL+ ratio mass spectrometer, HP gas chromatograph and Leco carbon-sulfur analyzer within the Department.

Computation Facilities

The UMass Hydrogeology has Computing facilities that include numerous UNIX and linux workstations, PCs, Macs, printers, scanners, digitizing tables, and related peripherals. We have a 30-seat license to COMSOL multiphysics that will used for be useful for ground water flow and heat flow modeling and an agreement in place with Golder Software for use of their DFN software package for interpreting and extending hydraulic measurements.