"Origin and Evolution of Phosphate δ18O Values: New Proxies, Probes, and Biomarkers"

Friday, February 20, 2015 - 3:30pm
Yale University
Bernie Dallas Room in the Goodell Building.

Title: "Origin and Evolution of Phosphate δ18O Values: New Proxies, Probes, and Biomarkers"Dr. Blake's research has focused on the characterization andinterpretation of oxygen isotope fractionations in the phosphate watersystem during biogeochemical cycling of phosphorous in natural waters andsediments. To learn more about Dr. Blake's current research, visit herwebsite at: http://people.earth.yale.edu/research/ruth-e-blake Doors will open around 3:15 - make sure to come a few minutes early to geta good seat!Coffee and baked goods will be provided. We hope to see you allthere!

Professional Seminar

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