Five College Faculty Symposium

Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 6:00pm
Morrill 2, Rm 222

7:00 – Vivian Leung, Mount Holyoke Fellow/Visiting Lecturer Department of Geology and Geography: Wood Debris & the Elwha River Restoration: How Wood Debris Interacts with River Morphology, Dam Removals, and Deltas. (25 min talk)

7:30 – Bob Newton, Smith College; Environmental Mercury: The Legacy of Mining and Atmospheric Deposition in New England - The Cooks Pond Story

7:45 – Michele Cooke, UMass, Is the Earth Lazy? Watching faults grow in the lab informs crustal fault evolution

8:00 – Tekla Harms, Amherst College, What's new in old rocks in Montana


View looking south from Mt. Sugarloaf of Connecticut river winding its way towards bottom left of image, bordered on both sides by green farm fields. The distinctive peaks of the Holyoke range are in the background.
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