GEO 892P

Seminar in Planetary Geology
Instructor: Chris Condit/Laurie Brown

Fall 2020

This is a 1 credit seminar, and involves discussing a single journal paper each week. Majors in any science field are welcome, and no prior knowledge of planetary geology is

required. Meeting time is Friday at 2:20 virtually via Zoom at

To download this week's paper (in PDF format), right-click on the link below, and choose "Save link (or target) as..." and then navigate to the folder you want to save it in. Sign up sheet for paper presenters



Paper # 1 for September 4th - Chris Condit
Paper # 2 for September 11th - Dan Tjapkes
Paper # 3 for September 18th
- Don Sluter
Paper # 4 for September 25th - Matt Collins
Paper # 5 for October 2nd - Caitlin Moeller
Paper # 6 for October 9th - Laurie Brown
Paper # 7 for October 16th - Will Daniels
Paper # 8 for October 23rd - Dan Tjapkes
Paper # 9 for October 30th -
Matt Collins
Paper # 10 for November 6th - Caitlin Moeller
Paper # 11 for November 13th - Laurie Brown
Paper # 12 for November 20th - Chris Condit

General Reference Papers:

The Geologic History of Mars  19 Pages
Overview of Lunar Geoscience  85 Pages
Taylor - Lunar Magma Ocean 7 Pages
Taylor - Moon Revisited 6 Pages
The Mons Rumker volcanic complex: A candidate for the Chang E-5 mission
Link to Caleb's Comments on the Mons Rumke paper