CEE 697CC / GEO 697CC

Climate Impacts in New England Seminar

Spring 2012 Theme:
Climate Change Impacts in the Northeastern U.S.

Fern Quabbin Reservoir New England port Bluebird

Led by: Richard Palmer (Civil & Environmental Engineering), Raymond Bradley (Geosciences), and Addie Holland (Geosciences)

Class Location: Engineering Lab II, room 118 (Kellogg Room)
Invited speakers will present in Engineering Lab II, room 115

Class Time: Wednesdays 3:35 - 4:25 pm

Description: This 1 credit seminar will explore impacts of climate change on the Northeastern US. Seven speakers from various academic disciplines are invited to speak on topics of ecology, water resources, land use, and cultural resources.  Attendance at lectures is absolutely required. Additional meetings will focus student-facilitated discussion on issues addressed by the speakers as well as assigned readings. 

Questions? Contact Addie Holland.

Reading Assignments are available here.
(Passwords to access this page will be provided to students on the first day of class.)

Speakers are part of the New England Climate Colloquium
(Spring 2012 Schedule | Past Colloquium Videos)
See New England climate news, links, articles, and information at: www.cns.umass.edu/neclimate

Seminar Schedule:

Date Speaker/Discussion
January 25: First class - Intro
February 1: Columbia University - Radley Horton
"Preparation for the 2013 National Climate Assessment, Northeast Region"
February 8: Discussion (RE: Horton)
February 15: Anthony D'Amato, University of Minnesota
"Looking back to inform the future: retrospective assessments of adaptation and mitigation strategies for forest ecosystems in the upper Lake States and New England"
February 22: Discussion (RE: D'Amato)
March 7: Discussion (RE: Cook)
February 29: College of Menominee Nation - Melissa Cook
"Shifting Seasons: Tribal Communities Fostering Resiliency to Climate Change"
March 21: SPRING BREAK (no class)
March 28: Jay Lund, University of California Davis
"Managing California's Water with Climate Change"
April 4: Frank R. Thompson III, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station, Columbia MO
"Linking ecosystem, landscape, wildlife, and climate models to predict changes to central hardwood landscapes and wildlife"
April 11: Linda Deegan, Marine Biological Laboratory
"Trouble on the edge: Coastal ecosystems in a changing world"
April 18: University of Wisconsin - David Liebl
"Stakeholder Participation for Climate Adaptation - the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts"
April 25: Discussion (RE: Liebl)