Lecture Notes

Handouts of the lectures (two slides per page) can be obtained for perusal or printing out by clicking on the appropriate lecture below. They are available in PDF format which can be accessed using Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat is available on most computers or can be downloaded for free from Adobe.

Lecture 1 Earth's Interior and intoductory ideas

Lecture 2 Classification of igneous rocks

Lecture 3 Igneous rock textures

Lecture 4 Extrusive igneous rocks

Lecture 5 Intrusive igneous structures

Lecture 6 Phase equilibria - simple systems

Lecture 7 Phase equilibria -eutectics

Lecture 8 Phase equilibria - more binary systems

Lecture 9 Phase equilibria - ternary systems

Lecture 10 Phase equilibria -complex systems

Lecture 11 Large layered inrusions

Lecture 12 More on layered intrusions

Lecture 13 Major elements

Lecture 14 Introduction to trace elements

Lecture 15 Trace element modeling

Lecture 16 REE and spider diagrams

Lecture 17 Use of isotopes in petrology

Lecture 18 Mantle melting and origin of basalts

Lecture 19 Primary magmas

Lecture 20 Magmatic diversity

Lecture 21 Mid-Ocean Ridge basalts

Lecture 22 More on MORB

Lecture 23 Ocean Island Basalts

Lecture 24 Hawaii

Lecture 25 Island Arc Magmatism

Lecture 26 More Island Arc Magmatism

Lecture 27 Granites






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