Sample Submission and Services

Each mollusk sample submitted for analysis should consist of at least 3 individuals (single valves in the case of bivalves). Each valve is then analyzed to determine the all/Ile ratio in both the free and total acid hydrolysate yielding 6 rations for determining statistical consistency and assessing the presence of reworked individuals not representative of the sediment age. Foraminifera are generally small enough that many individual carbonate tests are required for each analysis. The minimum number of tests required depends upon their size (e.g., at least 60 - 100 individuals of Neogloboquadrina pachyderma are required per analysis). In general, the more tests per sample, the better. Costs per sample are $200 with special rates available for large batches of material.

Questions concerning sample submission and turn around time should be addressed to Dr. Julie Brigham-Grette (413-545-4840) or Dr. Willam D. McCoy (413-545-1535).

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